Bacteria, abundantly existing single-celled, organisms in your body and in everything on the planet differ from more complexly designed viruses. Though both are organisms, they are as different as oil compared to water.

Just as oil cannot be water and water can’t be oil, bacteria can’t be viruses. Why are antibiotics not effective against viral infections? The simple answer to this question is that antibiotics predominantly affect only bacteria and have little to no effect on viruses.

Why Are Antibiotics Not Effective Against Viral Infections?

Bacteria Differ From Viruses


By design, bacteria are considered to be either beneficial or harmful. They exist in all earth life creations. Depending upon the type of bacteria in question, they can harm or benefit plants, humans, and other animals coming into contact with them.

Compare viruses to bacteria. Acellular viruses require a living host (physical body) to survive. The word acellular means no cell structure.

Your physical body can also be called a host. Plants and animals can also be referred to as being hosts or bodies.

Viruses cause host bodies to become ill. A viral attack causes the host body’s immune system to respond to it. The immune system defends the host’s physical body. If a host’s immune system is strong, the host can defend itself and recover from a viral attack. However, some conditions weaken a person’s immune system. To effectively insure your health, it is important to do things that maintain your body’s immune system. Therefore, it is better to do things that prevent illness to live the healthiest type of life.

Bacteria Are Alive – Viruses Are Considered Non-Living Organisms


Science research shows that bacteria are alive. However, scientists still are uncertain how to categorize a virus’ life state. Generally, scientists consider viruses to be nonliving organisms.

Harmful bacteria causing infection can almost always be killed with antibiotics. In other words, most bacterial infections can be cured by using antibiotics.

Understanding this comparison between living bacteria with nonliving viruses now perhaps you can comprehend the answer to the question – why are antibiotics not effective against viral infections.

An important note about this topic – vaccinations can defend you against some viruses. However, most viruses, such as HIV and the viruses which cause you to suffer should you get the common cold, are incurable.

Even if the host’s immune system is healthy, and can successfully battle common cold symptoms, viruses themselves are incurable. Why are antibiotics not effective against viral infections? The answer has been explained now in an easy to understand answer.

For your own best health, each nutritious food. Get enough exercise. Keep your stress levels low. Drink water every day. Find ways to be happy. Living a healthy lifestyle using such natural ideas can help you live the healthiest way possible and help you survive infections you may encounter ahead.

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