Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss affects up to 40% of all men and is largely based on your genes.  While male pattern hair loss does not require medical treatment, medications can help to slow or reverse hair loss.

We offer oral Propecia, generic finasteride, which is an FDA approved medication for hair loss.  Finasteride has been studied and shown to have a high efficacy and high tolerability.  Most men benefit from the SLOWING of hair loss (so it’s better to start now!) but some men will also see REGROWTH.  Finasteride is a 1mg tablet taken daily. Results are seen after 4-6 months of use while maximum results are seen after 48 months.

If you are interested in hair loss medication, please start the medical questionnaire.  A health care professional will review your medical information to determine safety of treatment.  A prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice if appropriate.  More information will be provided for you at the end of the questionnaire or feel free to call, chat, or email us with questions.