Birth Control

We offer three types of birth control: the pill, the patch, and the ring.  All three are very effective forms of contraception with similar side effects.  They can also help to improve acne, lessen bleeding time, and improve PMS or cramping associated with your period.

These three forms are called combination hormonal contraception because they contain both estrogen and progestin.  The pill is taken once daily for three weeks with the fourth week pill free.  The patch is small tan square that adheres to your skin.  You change the patch every week and the fourth week is patch free.  The ring is vaginally inserted.  It does not require a fitting and is generally very comfortable.  The ring is inserted for three weeks and the fourth week of the month is removed.

We offer 1 month or 3 month prescriptions.  You may choose what option works best for you at the end of the medical questionnaire.

If you are interested in birth control medication, please start the medical questionnaire.  A health care professional will review your medical information to determine safety of treatment.  A prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice if appropriate.  More information will be provided for you at the end of the questionnaire or feel free to call, chat, or email us with questions.