You’re getting ready for the weekend. Suddenly you feel aware of a strange and often painful sensation on your lip. Unfortunately, you are all too familiar of what’s about to happen. A virus called herpes simplex is raising its ugly head in the form of a cold sore. You already know you want quick cold sore relief. Oh, why did this have to happen again?

Cold Sore Relief For Your Herpes Simplex Outbreak

The first time you had a herpes simplex outbreak you might have imagined hiding your head inside a paper bag. Those fluid filled cold sores not only look ugly but they hurt. You don’t want to touch them but instead want cold sore relief. Rather than talk about them, you want to DO something to make them disappear!

But you know what the future holds for the next 7 – 10 days. Cold sores can split open, ooze their yucky contents, then finally crust over. But you want cold sore relief now, hopefully to reduce your suffering. So, what’s the first thing to do? The best cold sore relief begins with calling your doctor. Though the local drugstore offers over-the counter remedies, nothing works quite as well as a prescription medication.

To add insult to injury, you might feel like you’ve got the flu, too. You could develop a fever, sore throat and various aches and pains including a headache. Cold sores are simply no fun at all!

Before you call your doctor, you might want to reduce the intensity of the burning, tingling or pain. To do this, consider sucking on something cold like ice or popsicles. Remember, if you have diabetes, and you want to use popsicles, use the sugar free version of this sweet treat.

What Can You Do To Prevent Getting Cold Sores?

The virus is inside you. It lays dormant until something triggers an outbreak. So, prevention really is a very effective cold sore relief strategy. That means to reduce the chances of triggering an infection do the following:

  • Do NOT Kiss anyone anywhere on their body who has a cold sore
  • Do NOT share objects with others who have cold sores such as drinking glasses, lip balm, lipstick, towels, shaving razors or eating utensils
  • Do NOT engage in sexual activity (including oral sex) with ANYONE you know has a cold sore or just experienced a cold sore outbreak.

If you have a cold sore outbreak, contact your doctor. But you may not want to wait for hours or days to get in to see your doctor. Or, you don’t have a family doctor. Or, maybe the over-the-counter remedies you’ve been using for cold sores just aren’t working for you. That’s where Immediate Care Online comes in. In many cases, we can quickly help you successfully treat your cold sores.

If you want help fast, here’s how you get started:

  • Conveniently initiate contact with us by filling out an online questionnaire.
  • Once we receive it, we email you.
  • A phone call may be necessary but is made on an as need basis and is not part of our normal procedure.

Our fully licensed medical team is waiting to treat your medical problem. To get started now, just fill in your zip code and then follow the prompts in the next window.

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