Male Pattern Hair Loss

As you age, your body changes. One common changes in men can include male pattern hair loss. Modern science and medicine make possible many options to effectively treat balding hairlines for both men and women. However, this post focuses on the treatment for men.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Prescription Medicine Treatment

A medicine called finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) can be one way to treat male pattern hair loss. This prescription drug used for men ONLY, to treat the malady carries with it side effects. These effects might include:

• Abnormal ejaculation
• Decrease in blood prostate specific antigen (PSA)
• Depression
• Dizziness
• Extended unpleasant side effects of taking finasteride even after you stop taking this drug
• Headache
• Impotence
• Inability or difficulty being able to achieve an orgasm
• Causing your nose to regularly run
• Skin rash
• Such intense lightheadedness you feel like you might pass out
• Losing interest in having sex at all
• Swelling of different body parts such as your hands or feet
• Swelling in or breast tenderness
• Weakness

How to Feel Beneficial Effects of Finasteride

Generally, a man must take 1 tablet daily of finasteride for about three months before noticing benefits from taking this drug for male pattern hair loss treatment. If you desire to keep treating your scalp so that it may regrow hair, you will need to take this drug for quite some time. Ending treatment leads to the return of male pattern hair loss effects.

Caution About Taking Finasteride

The prostate gland produces a protein called PSA. Increased PSA in the blood can indicate prostate problems including cancer. Finasteride may cause some unwanted affects for a man’s PSA levels.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Studies With Finasteride Vs Placebo

Medical science tests drugs before giving these substances to humans in something called a blind study. In a blind study, a group of people get a drug’s active formula while another group in the study get sugar pills (also called placebos.) Placebos contain no active drug formula in them. These studies reveal statistics about a drug’s effects and effectiveness or lack thereof.
In some blind studies regarding Finasteride VS Placebo for men seeking to eliminate male pattern hair loss, the results are clear. Men who took finasteride compared with placebo increased hair growth by 9% when taking the medication for a year. The longer men took finasteride, the he had improved hair growth.

However, because a certain percentage of men also experienced a decrease in sexual performance behaviors, an additional drug may sometimes be prescribed. That drug is called Cialis/Viagra.

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