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how online medical care works

Start by choosing a reason for your visit and answering the health questions. Please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability, just like if you were in our office sitting across from us. Click submit and make your payment of $25. Within 2 hours we will review your health information, make a diagnosis, and prepare a prescription. A summary of your health answers and the prescription sent to your pharmacy is emailed to you. Keep this for your records because we do not store or keep any of your medical information for your privacy and safety.

Sometimes an answer to a question may mean that a medication is not safe to prescribe. If that is the case, we will explain the reasons and your options and provide a refund of $25.

Once the prescription is ready at your pharmacy, you can choose to use insurance to pay for your prescription. If you do not have insurance we can recommend the most cost effective brand to you.

Answer Health Questions
Step 1
Answer Your Health Questions

Answer a few health questions just like if you were in our office sitting across from us.

Submit Health Information
Step 2
Submit Your Health Information

Click submit and make your payment of $25.

Diagnosis and Prescription
Step 3
Diagnosis and Prescription

We will review your health information and make a diagnosis and send a prescription.

One flat rate of $25 you are able to prevent and treat from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

Did you know? The CDC and WHO recommend that contraception and preventable conditions or infections do not require special testing or exams

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We are a team of certified and licensed medical professionals. Our doctors and physician’s assistants are here to help you by providing fast and easy access to important medications for your health and safety.

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